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17th Annual $1 Million Giveaway to Fight Hunger

In its 17th year, the Feinstein Foundation again offers a great opportunity to stretch your donation.

Here’s how it works:  One million dollars will be divided proportionately among hunger fighting agencies nationwide participating in the challenge.  Each agency will get a share of the $1million, equal, to the percentage of the total amount raised by all participants.  Donated items include cash, checks, and food items (valued at $1.00 per pound) if they are received in March and April in response to the Feinstein challenge.

The more Tri-State Food Bank raises from the challenge, the bigger our award will be.  You can help Tri-State Food Bank take advantage of this offer by sending a donation between March 1 and April 30th  2014.

With your help, we can continue to make progress in our fight to end local hunger. 

  • This past year, we were able to provide more food and help more people.  In calendar year 2013, we distribute nearly 7.5 million pounds of grocery product for food-insecure people.

  • Our Back Pack-Food for Kids program now provides weekend meals to over 2,000 at-risk kids each week.

  • We continue to improve higher nutrition standards with fruits and vegetables making up 27% of the food disbursed.  In addition, 24% of all food distributed was from food drives and grocery store pickups, categorized as mixed, and primarily contain canned vegetables, fruits, and soup.

Community support makes this possible.


Mary Blair,

Tri-State Food Bank

Executive Director


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