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Code of Conduct

The importance of ethical conduct to the success of Tri-State Food Bank, Inc. (TSFB) is emphasized in our values, which commits TSFB to operate with the highest moral, ethical, and legal standards.
The Business Conduct Guidelines sets forth TSFB expectations of legally and ethical correct conduct required of all employees, officers, members of TSFB’s Board of Directors, and volunteers in a variety of identified business situations. These guidelines do not and cannot cover every situation in which you will be faced with ethical questions. Questions will arise concerning interpretation, intent, and application. All such questions should be discussed with your supervisor, who will consult with higher authority, whenever appropriate.
It is the responsibility of each person to meet the TSFB Code of Conduct. Managers must ensure that the employees and volunteers who report to them read this Code and understand the importance of complying with it as well as with policies and regulations set forth in the employee handbook, agreements with donors, and contracts we have with the government, donors, and Feeding America. Employees, volunteers, board members, and agency network are committed to the following.

Our Mission

  • To feed the hungry by soliciting and judiciously distributing marketable surplus food to non-profit agencies, which serve the needy in a 33-county area of the tri-state. To monitor member agencies and to assist them in the various programs they sponsor.
  • To serve as the channel through which donors may be assured of good warehousing practices, equitable distribution, and accountability to the member agencies, as well as to the needy.
  • To educate the public about the nature of and the solutions to the problems of hunger.
  • To encourage donors to practice the good stewardship of donating, not dumping, usable surplus food.


Tri-State Food bank will improve the quality of life for our community's families and children by providing adequate food and nutrition through our network of local charities feeding the hungry.


  • Integrity - Honesty and openness is of utmost importance. We will act to uphold the highest standards of integrity.
  • Accountability - We strive for efficiency of resources donated, both financial and in-kind. We keep our focus on the mission of TSFB, that of feeding hungry citizens. We produce an accurate accounting of all records and provide to the public on request. We encourage the public donors, and any interested party to tour our facility.
  • Collaboration- TSFB is not the sole solution to hunger in our community. By collaborating with other charities, and organizations, we can strengthen our mission. 
  • Mutual Respect - We respect the issues of hungry people in our community and the efforts and successes of our agencies and community organizations.
  • Diversity - The Tri-State Food Bank is an equal opportunity employer.  Employees shall be recruited from all segments of the community, selected, and treated without discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disabilities, or political persuasion.  Measures shall be taken to assure equality in recruitment, training, personal development, and administration
  • Support - We believe that by supporting our member agencies and the hungry with exceptional service and compassion we can achieve our mission.
  • Teamwork- The value of teamwork will provide quicker and stronger results.
  • Quality - By making continuous improvements in all we do, we will strive to meet the needs and exceed expectations of our clients, donors, and the community. Utilizing benchmarks of regional and national standards of excellence and quality will help guide us to develop our staff and provide skill and knowledge to carry out our mission.
  • Innovation - Thinking outside the box is encouraged to find new and more efficient solutions to hunger issues.
  • Focus - Keep charitable mission in the front of your mind at all times.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

Business Practices

  • Abide by all policies of Tri-State Food Bank and Feeding America When acting on behalf of TSFB stay within the confines of a 501(c)(3)
  • Limits on lobbying
  • Prohibited partisan political activity Tax exempt status used only for purposes of the mission and never for personal purchases.
  • Section 170(e) of the IRS Tax Code
  • Product donated under this tax code to be used solely for the care of the ill, the needy, or infants.
  • Practice Safe Warehouse rules in accordance with OSHA regulations.
  • Practice Safe Food Handling
  • Uphold accountability to Product Donors and safeguarding of product and receipting.
  • Uphold accountability to Financial Donors in regards to receipting
  • Political Contributions and Activities
  • Food bank product and donations will not be used to further a particular political or religious position.

No promoting, using, or selling of illegal drugs.

Improper use of narcotics and other controlled substances, commonly referred to as
illegal drugs, has become a significant problem to businesses, employees, and society in
general. Their sale, use, and abuse, when connected to the conduct of business and the
work environment, can threaten the safety, morale, and public image of TSFB
and its employees. Because of our strong concerns in this area, we have established the
following policy regarding illegal drugs:
  1. No person will be hired who is known to be a promoter, user, or seller of illegal drugs.
  2. Possession or use of illegal drugs on Company premises or during working hours, including break or meal periods, or working under the influence of illegal drugs, is strictly prohibited. Violation of this policy is cause for immediate disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.
  3. Employees who are found to be sellers or involved in the sale, solicitation, or dealing of illegal drugs will be subject to immediate termination of employment from TSFB.

Business Conduct Guidelines

Unfair methods of competition and deceptive practices are prohibited. These include making false or misleading representations about TSFB state of affairs. Never exaggerate the current needs, such as:
  • Increase or decrease in donated product
  • Increase or decrease Demand for service.
  • The number of clients served
  • Etc.

Financial and Inventory Integrity

All employees who create and use company records, both on paper and electronically, e.g., transactions with agencies, clients, suppliers (donations and purchases), employee data, pricing and payment of third party service providers are required to do so correctly, and honestly. All entries made in TSFB’s books, records, and accounts accurately the transactions being recorded, to the best knowledge, information, and belief of the employees making the entries.
  • Truthful financial reporting at all times
  • Accurate inventory accountability
  • Appropriately apply donations per donors intent
  • Conflict of Interest - Under Separate document
  • Protecting Confidential Information - Under Separate document
  • Use of Resources
  • The Executive Director must authorize removal of items from the warehouses, office, or grounds of Tri-State Food Bank, except in the normal course of business, such as delivery of product to agencies after invoicing and data procedures are complete.
  • Neither Tri-State Food Bank nor its agencies may pull donated food items from inventory for on-site consumption by Tri-State Food Bank or by agency food programs, staff, or volunteers, except when product is being tested for freshness or suggested uses.
  • Neither staff nor volunteers will be provided -take home bags- of donated goods. If their financial status leaves them legitimately needy, our policy is to make use of Emergency Food Pantries or other appropriate community resources.
  • Donated Food will not be used for any fund-raising events.

Relationships - Always follow the golden rule.

  • Employees
  • Volunteers
  • Board of Directors
  • Agencies - Pantries, Soup Kitchens, Shelters, etc.
  • Clients - Needy
  • Feeding America
  • Food Donors
  • Financial Donor

Appropriate workplace behavior

A pleasant place to work is important to the effectiveness of Company employees. The
workplace must have an atmosphere free of discrimination, harassment, threats, and
violence. Everyone, including staff, volunteers, clients will be treated with respect and dignity


TSFB strives to maintain a working environment free from ethnic, religious, 
racial, or sexual harassment. If any such inappropriate conduct occurs, whether in
verbal, written, pictorial, or physical form, the affected employees should immediately
notify their supervisor, facility or department manager, or Human Resources
representative. All complaints of harassment will be promptly investigated, and treated with
appropriate confidentiality.

Threats and Violence

TSFB is committed to providing a workplace that is safe, secure, and free from
threats of harm, intimidation, or violence. If you feel threatened or unsafe, or are aware
of a potentially threatening or unsafe situation, you should notify your supervisor, facility
or department manager, Human Resources representative, or the Security Department.
If you observe harassment or threatening behavior, you are to report it immediately

Civil Rights

All TSFB staff, board of Directors, and regular volunteers, must complete training in Civil Rights.

Americans with Disabilities Act

Tri-State Food Bank will abide by the Americans with Disabilities Act

Compliance and Discipline

  • In performing their duties for TSFB, all employees must comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations and must avoid situations that could result in the appearance of wrongdoing or impropriety under these guidelines.
  • It is the obligation of staff members, volunteers, board members, and agencies that witness violations of the Code of Conduct to report said violation to the Executive Director as soon as possible. Employees should also refer to the Grievance Procedure in the Employee Handbook.
  • When in doubt, employees are encouraged to talk to supervisors, managers or other appropriate personnel about the best course of action in a particular situation.
  • Unless authorized by the employee or required by law, the identity of the employee reporting a violation, a concern, or a complaint will not be disclosed. TSFB will not allow retaliation of any kind for reports made in good faith.

Zero Tolerance - Noncompliance with the following will be subject to termination of employment with TSFB.

  • Dishonest or unethical behavior, even if the result of the action is perceived to benefit the food bank.
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Discrimination of gender, age, race, ethnicity, religion.
  • Bribery, stealing, substance abuse, and other illegal acts.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding potential violations of applicable laws, rules, and regulations or of these guidelines, you should immediately contact your supervisor or the executive director.
Tri-State Food Bank, Inc. Code of Conduct Acknowledgement
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have read, understand, and accept the terms of the Tri-State Food Bank, Inc. Code of Conduct.
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