postheadericon Hot 96 12 Days of Texting


HOT 96 again is hosting the 12 days of Texting competition for local tri-state charities starting on November 28.    Each charity has a designed day that they will be spotlighted and on that day only you need to vote by texting “give” to the number 8-2-4-7-4.  Our day is November 29.  Only texting done on the 29th will be counted for Tri-State Food Bank.  Information about Tri-State Food Bank will on  The Atom Smasher Morning Show.   The charity with the most votes will receive $1,000 dollars and 2nd place gets $500 dollars.

To help us get votes, please send this information to all of your friends, acquaintances, and business partners.  Post on Facebook and other social networking venues.