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Thanks to everyone donating water to Tri-State Food Bank to help with the flood relief activities.  Response for water has been answered and we now have two semi loads plus to distribute to the tri-state counties in need.  

We are still in need of snacks and food to help the many volunteers still at sites sandbagging and food to feed the people who had to evacuate their homes.  The urgency for food supplies during a disaster must be met immediately and we have been answering the need through our inventory on hand.  Those supplies will need to be replaced for our general distribution to agencies feeding the needy. 


Thus far, we have delivered 6,344 pounds (over 3 tons) of food to help with flood activity in the counties of Pulaski, IL, Alexander, IL, Vanderburgh and surrounding counties in Indiana.  Today a wonderful volunteer will deliver another 3,700 pounds to Livingston County in Kentucky.  We are grateful to the staff and volunteers with our local Red Cross who have done amazing work to keep our local communities safe and are happy we were able to help provide water and food to assist their work.  

Our work will continue after the water recedes.   We will need cleaning supplies to help people as they return to their homes and start the cleaning process.  Buckets, bleach, mops, sponges, etc. will be in demand.  Donations can be dropped off at the food bank located at 801 E. Michigan Street.


Other news links regarding recent relief efforts:


With 24 of the 33 counties served by Tri-State Food Bank under threat of flooding, supplies of drinking water are quickly dwindling from the shelves. Tri-State Food Bank works with agencies committed to serving those in need when a disaster occurs.  Food Bank staff has been busy delivering supplies to agencies and disaster relief organizations and water has been the main request.  We are also getting request for cleaning supplies so people in flooded areas can start the cleanup process once they are able to return to their homes.  If you can help, please drop off donations at the Food Bank or contact our office if you have large quantities to give.