postheadericon Hunger Action Month 2013



September is Hunger Action Month (HAM).  Please join Tri-State Food Bank in building a movement that creates awareness and action to eliminate food insecurity in our community.  Feeding America and food banks across the nation are uniting to bring people together to help in our mission to end hunger.

Everyone can help by doing one of the following:

  • Give a little money.  Every dollar donated to the Tri-State Food Bank generates approximately $8.49 in food for those at risk.
  • Volunteer at the food bank, a local pantry, soup kitchen, or shelter.
  • Conduct a food drive, or simply drop off a few food items at the food bank.
  • Help spread the word on the issue of hunger to friends and colleagues. 
  • Lift your voice in asking Congress or local legislators to do what they can to solve the problem of hunger. 
  • Take the SNAP Challenge: Eat on just $4.50 a day.  Shop for your meals with the daily average per person benefit provided by the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (formerly known as Food Stamps) to get a sense of some of the challenges faced by those struggling to put food on the table.  Share your experience with family and friends to raise awareness of the importance of this critical nutrition program.
  • Businesses can host an Orange Day (orange is the symbolic color of hunger) encouraging employees to wear orange attire and bring in food to the food bank.
  • Employee Giving - Tri-State Food Bank is asking employees in our community to skip lunch for one day in September to feed those suffering from food insecurity and donate the money you would have spent for lunch.  Every little bit helps.

Other events taking place across the country include:

  • Jeff Gordon's race car will display a "Hunger Action Month" sticker on it during a race at the Richmond International Raceway, thanks to a partnership with AARP Foundation.  (Sept. 7)
  • Light up for hunger.  Buildings around the country will be lighting up orange throughout the month to show their support.  (Examples include Houston City Hall, Chase Tower in Phoenix, Sundance Square in Ft. Worth, TX) 

Community participation in this year’s Hunger Action Month is essential because:

  • Nearly 115,600 people in the tri-state are food insecure.  Of those, 34.3% are children. 
  • Many families rely on emergency food on a regular basis because their paycheck simply does not cover their basic life expenses.
  • Lack of food and nutrition for the elderly can be serious because of their susceptibility to health problems, both physical and cognitive.  In addition to a poor quality of life, health problems caused by poor nutrition can result in higher medical bills, which many seniors are struggling with already.  Our country is currently in a quandary over the rising cost of health care.  By providing a means to eliminate source due to hunger, we play a vital part in reducing some of our nation's cost.
  • Many kids that rely on the free school lunch program do not have adequate food over the weekend.  For some children there is not enough food or not the proper nutritional foods, at home for adequate nutrition.  Through our Weekend Back Pack-Food for Kids program, we are providing over 2,300 kids each week nutritious meals for the weekend.  Good nutrition makes children better prepared for school.  Kids become healthier, better focused, and alert with better attendance rates and are more eager to learn.

To participate in Hunger Action Month please contact Tri-State Food Bank at 812-425-0775.