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Tri-State Food Bank delivers life-giving provisions to over 250 feeding programs serving thousands of local women, men, and children.

Who we help...


  • Elderly people on fixed incomes struggling with high prescription cost.
  • Families a step away from homelessness.
  • The unemployed who are seeking a way back.
  • Single Parents trying to make ends meet.
  • Children of the working poor with hope for a better future
  • The homeless.
  • Disabled citizens
  • Abused and neglected children

Food Pantries

  • Tri-State Food Bank provides food and other grocery products to over 170 food pantries so they can provide adequate groceries to low-income families and individuals struggling to make ends meet.
  • A Food Pantry typically provides a 3-4 day supply of emergency food, serving primarily low-income individuals and families who have encountered financial difficulties and need short-term help.
  • Lately, more families are relying on emergency food on a regular basis because their paycheck simply does not cover their basic life expenses.
  • Because the supply of donated food is limited, families can usually access food from a pantry once every 30 days.

Soup Kitchens

  • Food is distributed to 80 local soup kitchens and/or shelters serving the homeless, victims of domestic violence, and families and individuals in need.

Senior Citizens Programs

  • Providing food to senior feeding programs is especially important for many reasons.
  • Lack of food and nutrition for the elderly can be serious because of their susceptibility to health problems, both physical and cognitive.
  • In addition to a poor quality of life, health problems caused by poor nutrition can result in higher medical bills, which many seniors are struggling with already.  Our country is currently in a quandary over the rising cost of health care.  By providing a means to eliminate source due to hunger, we play a vital part in reducing some of our nation's cost.

Other Programs  Other on-site feeding programs provides daily meals for:

  • Day care centers that provide service to low-income children
  • Residential treatment homes
  • Camps for handicapped or under-privileged children

Disaster Response

  • Tri-State Food Bank works with agencies committed to serving those in need when a disaster occurs.
  • We belong to the Local Emergency Planning Committee, the Southwestern Indiana Regional Coordinating Committee, Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky COADS (Community Organizations Active in Disasters).
  • Through our Feeding America's network, we have national access to food resources in the event of a national disaster in our area.
  • We also work with the American Red Cross to provide food to families experiencing disasters.  In the event of a disaster we will provide mass care facilities with products and provide holding facilities as needed and as possible.  We will provide food products to disaster victims when possible.  Tri-State Food Bank will  take the lead in coordinating the pickup, serving and storage of such foods.
  • Tri-State Food Bank installed generators to assure frozen and refrigerated food is kept safe in the event of a power outage.  Mary Blair, Executive Director, said,  The food bank has been very lucky throughout past years; but added, we cannot leave the safety of food to chance.   With the tornados and storms that hit the tri-state, the generator will provide better accountability to our donors and community by protecting food donated for the hungry.   The generator will also put the food bank in a better position to be operable and respond to disasters.

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